Baqai Institute of Health Sciences


Baqai Medical University is the first private medical university in the community setting undertaking training of the medical students based on the philosophy of Community Oriented Medical Education.

  • A highly qualified faculty, field staff and support personnel are involved in promoting the Community based training mission in the University.
  • For training the young leaders, the faculty through its staff and students has established a community-based primary health care Programme which covers a population of about 0.5 million, in an area of about 25-30 kilometers surrounding the University.
  • At the postgraduate level, the Master’s programme in Public Health (MPH) has been operational since 1992 and produced more than 170 public health specialists. Linkages have been established at national and international levels.
  • The faculty plays an important role in Education and Research. Members of the faculty participate in national and international meetings / seminars to read scientific papers and exchange of ideas.
  • Master of Public Health is a recognized course by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. So far 20 batches have passed out and lot many of them are serving at higher positions in the country and abroad.
  • Baqai Institute of Health Sciences, trains future health managers from both government / private institutions, who can contribute in promoting and strengthening health care systems of Pakistan .

Message From Dean

MPH is a prestigious intensive course in ‘Public Health’ of two years duration. You will be having a very busy schedule from the onset, therefore, you should come mentally prepared to devote these two year exclusively to studies and skills development.
Being future leaders in Public Health, your austerity of conduct, commitment and sincerity of purpose will be closely monitored.
I wish you success in the course and look forward to a congenial relationship during the time ahead.

Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed
Dean Basic Medical Sciences,
Principal Baqai Medical College,
Acting Dean Faculty of Health Management
Baqai Medical University

The Baqai Medical University is playing a pivotal role in strengthening of health systems by offering not only Primary Health Care Services, but also innovations such as community psychiatry, community ophthalmology, multi-disciplinary community laboratory, health promotion and disease prevention activities, community drug bank, women development group, income generation activities, informal education for the poor and working children etc. Baqai Institute of Health Sciences, trains future health managers from both government / private institutions, who can contribute in promoting and strengthening health care system of Pakistan .
Keeping in view the dearth of managers in the country’s health system, not infrequently resulting in inadequacy of implementation of the programs of various health plans in the country, and also in the management of the available facilities in the rural and urban areas, Baqai Foundation planned the commencement of a training program in 1992 to meet this shortage. It is stated here, that the program gained momentum in subsequent years.
Besides health personnel, it is imperative to involve in the training, health related professions such as Nursing and Pharmacy to promote economic productivity of people for a healthy lifestyle.




Candidates will obtain Admission Forms and Prospectus from the Admission Cell of Baqai Medical University, Karachi.

It is necessary for candidates to appear in the entry test, which will subsequently be followed by an interview. The final selection will be based on the aggregate score of the previous academic achievements, experience, written test and the interview. Selection Board is comprised of the following:-

Chancellor Chairman
Vice Chancellor Co-Chairman
Pro Vice Chancellor / Dean, FHM Member
Principal, BMC Member
Principal, BDC Member
MPH Course Director Member/ Secretary
Dean ,BIPS Co-opt member
Director, Nursing Co-opt member

Selection of candidates will be purely on merit and nation wide. Candidates from foreign countries have also a place.


  • Medical and Dental officers with MBBS or BDS qualification with valid registration from PMDC with a minimum of two years experience in health system.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy / Pharm D with minimum of three years of experience.
  • B.Sc(Nursing) / R/ N B.Sc(N) with valid registration from PNC with three years experience.
Area Dates
SEMESTER I Last Date of Submission of Forms 2nd Week of March
Forms Entry Test 3rd Week Of March
Semester Starts 7th of April
Preparatory Leave 1 week
Exam 3rd week of September
SEMESTER II Semester Starts 3rd week of October
Preparatory Leave 7th -14th March
Semester Exam From 15th March
SEMESTER III Semester Starts 7th April
Preparatory Leave 7th -14th September
Exam 3rd week of September
SEMESTER IV Semester Starts 3rd week of October
Preparatory Leave 1 week
Exam 3rd week of March



Admission Fee Rs. 5,000
Tution Fee FeeRs. 2,35,000
Caution Money Nil
Library Fee Nil
Sports Fee Nil
Social Events Fee Nil
Enrolment Fee 1,500
Examination Fee 18,000
Thesis Fee 10,500
TOTAL 2,70,000


Fee For MPH Programme is Rs. 2,70,000

Semester I Rs.66,000 (including Enrolment & Examination fee)

Semester II Rs. 64500

Semester III Rs. 64500

Semester IV Rs. 75,000

TOTAL RS.2,70,000

Fee For Foregin Students and OVERSEAS Pakistanis




The minimum requirement for the candidates to appear in the examination is 75% attendance.


The courses finished will be examined at the end of the semester and the internal evaluation marks will be added to the final examination. The result will be finalized during the same semester. Internal evaluation will constitute a weight age of 50%. The distribution of marks will be as follows:

Internal Evaluation 50
Mid Term Test 30
Field Visits 10
Attendance & Class participation 05
Project/ Presentation/Assignment 05
Semester Examination 50

The Theory Examination will be of 50 marks consisting of MCQ of 15 marks and essay type questions of 35 marks. A Cumulative Grade Point Ratio (CGPR) of at least 2.5 (65%) is necessary to be eligible for the award of the degree. All the students have to select a topic related to Public Health for dissertation and prepare its synopsis. Draft copy of dissertation is submitted one week before the Semester examination and defense of dissertation within a maximum period of 40 days after the completion of the examination. A supervisor will be provided to facilitate his / her research work.
MPH Programme is of 63 Credit Hours including dissertation of 13 Credit Hours.


  • .Performance of the students in the examination shall be assessed on the basis of the marks obtained from a total of 100 marks in each course.
  • .Over all grading for the declaration of result shall be based on Grading System for representing actual achievements of a candidate as follows:

Candidates will be required to complete 47 credit hours, from core curses in addition to 13 credit hours for disserta­tion amounting to a total of 60 credit hours.

Numerical Grade(N.G) Alphabetical Grade(A.G) Grade Point(G.P)
80% and above A 4
70% - 79.9% B 3
60% - 69.9% C 2
Below 60% D 1(Fail)



The library which is a major center of health science literature is equipped with up-to-date information and retrieval facilities, books and journals for the students and faculty, in medical sciences, clinical sciences, community health and nursing. It will in the foreseeable future have a collection of about 12000 books and more than 100 journals both local and foreign.


In order to provide quality computer facilities to students, the latest Pentium IV computers have been provided for students, fully loaded with the latest software necessary for the completion of the Master of Science in Public Health(MPH) programme. Students are allowed to use the Internet from the computer lab for the purposes of research and information gathering regarding various Public Health issues.


LRC has specimens, models, charts and microscopes for students.