Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of the leading institutions in the field of Pharmacy in Pakistan and is fully committed to impart high quality education in Pharmaceutical Sciences. It comprises of four departments viz., Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. The laboratories of each department are equipped with latest instruments and are run under the supervision and guidance of a very well qualified teaching staff and research staff. The institute possesses a well maintained library having a large collection of books and internet facility to train the students on modern lines and to acquaint them with the theoretical and practical application covering the entire spectrum of the field of Pharmacy.

The Institute is duly recognized by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.
Pharmacy along with medicine and nursing forms the backbone of our national healthcare system. Pharmacy is well established, well recognized and a very important discipline of health sciences. No other educational programs other than that Pharmacy provides the background to understand completely all about drugs. In view of the great demand of pharmacists in the country and abroad it is necessary to establish more institutions to cater the national requirements. The number of Pharmacists produced every year is much below the demand limit. The seriousness of the problems may be judged from the fact that for a population of about 170 million there are only about 7000 Pharmacists. According to an estimate more than 60,000 professionals are needed only in retail community pharmacy. Therefore, opening of new pharmacy institutions is a national requirement. Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is another landmark of the Baqai Medical University.

A comprehensive proposal for the establishment of Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences was prepared in 1993. The proposal was finally approved by the Board of Governors of Baqai Medical University in 1996. Accordingly, admissions to students in four year degree program of B. Pharmacy (First Professional) were given in 1996 who graduated in the year 2000. In the year 2004 Five year degree program of Pharm. D. was introduced.

Since the establishment of the Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, the first Pharmacy institution in the Private sector in the province of Sindh, rather in the country, several institutions both in the public and private sectors, have opened. Nevertheless, in view of the highly qualified faculty and teaching standard of the Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences it remains the premier center of the Pharmacy education in Pakistan.

drug research and development of pharmaceutical sciences over the last forty years. The academicians have led to reorganization of pharmacy education in various professional fields. In fact by virtue of his drug expertise the role of Pharmacists has become of paramount importance. The role of Pharmacist is expanding with time because of their expertise and their professional knowledge. Besides academics Pharmacists play important role in hospital pharmacy, health organizations, government agencies and pharmaceutical industries where one can go in production, quality control, marketing and research, etc. Thus there is an ample opportunity for the Pharmacist to enter into these professions.


Course Name Eligiblity
Pharm. D. Degree The eligibility for admission to the Pharm. D. course is Intermediate Science (Pre-medical group) or equivalent with 60% marks in aggregate. Equivalency certificate is required in case the candidate has passed examination from institutions other than the Examining Boards of Pakistan.
Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has adopted the Pharm. D. program which is a Five year degree course approved by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.
M. Phil.
This is a two year course after graduation. The eligible candidates are those who have passed the B. Pharm / Pharm. D. examinations with a minimum C.G.P.R of 3.0 and M.B.B.S. examinations with a minimum marks of 60% marks.
Ph. D.
Candidates who have got M. Phil. Degree in relevant subject of Pharmacy with a minimum C.G.P.R of 3.0 or a minimum of 60% marks in M.B.B.S. examination, are eligible for admission in Ph. D. course.


The Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers quality education in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy.