Baqai Institute of Hematology


Located in the Baqai Medical University premises, it is a center of excellence. A well stock learning resources center has been established where more than 4000 photomicrographs and a large number of recorded cassettes are available. It has one of the largest investigative hematology programs with highly educated professionals involved in every aspect of research and diseases of blood and related educational activities including a Diploma, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D programs. Professor Moinuddin is the chairman of the institute. He is a highly qualified hematologist who has a vast experience of working in the leading institutions abroad including the McGill University of Canada.

Thalassemia Awareness Books


The institute offers various courses; Diploma, M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D courses

Diploma in Hematology

Diploma program is open to medical graduates. This is a one year course work, laboratory and clinical training based program which is also recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.

M.Sc in Hematology

This is a two years course work / laboratory training based program open to Science graduates.

M.Phil in Hematology

This is a two years course work / laboratory training based program open to medical and M.Sc in Hematology graduates. Thesis completion is the compulsory part to obtain M.Phil Degree.

Ph.D in Hematology

This is a three years program. Eligibility for this program is M.Phil or FCPS or MRCPath in Hematology.

MS in Transfusion Medicine

This is a two years program.This program is approved by PMDC.


Institute of Hematology is involved in high tech training towards the diagnosis and treatment of blood and related diseases. Some of these include special stains, Hb-Electrophoresis, Platelets aggregation studies, correction studies and molecular diagnosis (PCR). The institute is also providing services to the government of Republic of Maldives in coping the problem of thalassemia.