Livestock is a significant component of Agricultural Sector in our agricultural, which contributes more then 36 percent to agricultural GDP and 10 percent to our national GDP and 12, 47% to export earnings. The role of livestock in both rural and urban economy may be realized from the fact that almost every family in rural areas and every fifty family in urban area are engaged in livestock and poultry business. This sector needs technical and institutional support. Purposeful Veterinary and Animal Husbandry education is therefore essential for further development of this important sector for our economy. To give technical and professional support to the livestock and poultry productivity, well planned education and research programs are need of the present time. Baqai College of Veterinary Sciences (BCVS) is aimed to achieve this purpose. This institute will go long way in promotion and support of the Veterinary education and the profession.
The main objective of the college is to impart quality education in various Veterinary and Animal Husbandry disciplines. The teaching programs is designed in line with the requirement of Pakistan Veterinary Medical
Council and the former UGC, (Higher Education Commission of Pakistan). The academic programmes are specifically designed to cater for the needs of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry fields by producing a dual purpose professional graduate a Veterinary Doctor who shall be competent to serve equally in both disciplines of health and production in livestock and poultry enterprises.


Baqai College of Veterinary Sciences (BCVS), founded by the Baqai Foundation is the first of its kind in the Private Sector location in the metropolis of Karachi. The campus is located near the Chota gate of poultry estate on Gadap Road some 5 kilometers from Baqai Medical University. It is about 15-20 minutes drive on Super Highway from the Civic Center, Karachi and about 5 minutes drive from main campus of Baqai Medical University.

BCVS is situated in most serene, picturesque and pollution free environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis of Karachi. It thus enjoys the unique environment contusive for academic pursuits in beautiful gardens, orchards, and picnic sports and poultry estate. The building of the college is properly designed to suite the complex and multiple requirements of a teaching and research institution in the livestock and poultry sector. Spacious adjacent plots are in process of being developed into indoor and outdoor clinics, disease diagnostic laboratory experimental livestock and poultry farms and other facilities associated with teaching and research and a Veterinary Clinical Complex.

Teaching Department

  1. Basic Sciences

    a) Anatomy and Histology
    b) Physiology and Biochemistry.

  2. Livestock and Poultry Management.

    a) Livestock Management.
    b) Poultry Husbandry.
    c) Animal Breeding and Genetics.
    d) Livestock Product Technologies.

  3. Preclinical Studies.

    a) Pharmacology and Toxicology.
    b) Parasitology.
    c) Pathology.
    d) Microbiology

  4. Clinical Studies.

    a) Medicine
    b) Surgery
    c) Animal Reproduction
    d) Public Health

  5. Continued Veterinary Education (CVE) and Extension.

    a) CVE and extension
    b) Economics of Production and Marketing of farm products.
    c) Rural Sociology

  6. Baqai Livestock and Poultry Experimental Stations.
  7. Baqai Veterinary Clinical Complex.

Study Programs

  • DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine): This is five year full time graduate program spread over 10 semesters (9 semesters course work and one semester for internship). It is a composite degree imparting academic and applied knowledge in various domains of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry
  • M.Sc (Hons) this is two year (4 semesters) full time program of 16 credit hours for major course, 8 credit hours for minor course and thesis by research. It deals with course in relevant disciplines and a research project for thesis. M.Sc (Hons) is equated to M.Phil. M.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.O programs are offered in following disciplines:
    Veterinary Anatomy Physiology
    Pharmacology  Microbiology
    Pathology Parasitology
    Medicine Surgery
    Animal Reproduction Livestock Management
    Livestock Marketing Livestock Extension
    Livestock Economics Livestock Breeding & Genetics
    Animal Nutrition Poultry Nutrition
    Poultry Husbandry Poultry Pathology
    Poultry Marketing  
  • Ph.D. This is a full time 3-4 years (6-8 semesters) after M.Sc. (Hons.) or M.Phil, respectively. It includes a course work of 24 Credit hours and a thesis based on research. The core curriculum covers advanced level courses in chosen disciplines of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.
  • Condensed DVM Program is designed for B.Sc. (A.H) graduates consisting of course work of three semesters.
  • Diploma in Poutry Sciences: This I a full time program of one year.
  • Training programs for farmers in applied production technology, (Meat, Milk and Dairy Products, Egg and Chicken meat, fish, etc).
  • Short Courses of different duration specific to Vaccination, Artificial Insemination, fish farming, Menageries and Pet birds and animals Poultry and Dairying etc. are offered from time to time.

Admission Requirements

  • DVM: Candidates who have passed HSC (Intermediate) Examination from any Board of intermediate or Secondary Education (Premedical) in Pakistan or an Equivalent Examination or B.Sc. with Botany, Zoology, Physics or Chemistry or any two of the subjects, are eligible to seek admission.
  • M.Sc (Hons) DVM, B.Sc. (A.H), B.V.Sc. B.Sc. (A.H.) or equivalent qualification in relevant subject from recognized university.
  • Ph.D Candidates who possess M.Sc. (Hons). Or M.Sc. or M.Phil or an equivalent qualification in relevant subject from a recognized university.

Semester Schedsule

The academic year consists of two semesters. The duration of semester for teaching is 16 weeks and 2 weeks for examination. The first semester starts with new admission after the announcement of results of intermediate premedical or equivalent qualification by the Boards.

  • 1st Semester: August, December
  • 2nd Semester: January, May


mid of May end of June

Career Opportunities:

Since Veterinary is a profession with skill, a DVM Degree Veterinary Doctor can serve: Public and Private Sector, Pakistan Army. Overseas Employment, Self Employment (Private Veterinary practice, Poultry, Livestock and Dairy farming). Commercial Production of mutton, beef, chicken meat, Eggs, dairy Products. Menageries (Zoo, Animal/Safari Parks) Abattoirs meat inspectors, Local councils, Pharmaceutical industry Animal and Poultry Feeds and Allied Industries. Diagnostic and research laboratories, Vaccine production, Teaching & Research institutes and Banks ADBP, Fisheries and Wild Life etc.

Career Opportunities:


The College has convenient transport facility for students and staff from various points in the city and from the main gate of Baqai Medical University. The college has well equipped laboratories, class rooms and library, canteen etc. The College has five teaching cum research departments with laboratories in all disciplines of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and a reputed faculty. Play ground for Cricket, Football, Hockey and Indoor games.

Where And How To Apply?

College Prospectus, including application from, can be had on payment of Rs. 500/- in cash from: Baqai Hospital Nazimabad, Karachi, 6618396-98 & 6618082-85. Admission Cell, Baqai Medical University, Gadap, Road Super Highway Karachi, 4507651 & 6351011. Baqai College of Veterinary Sciences, Karachi, P: 021-4410258, Ext. 208. Mob: 0300-2112684. Baqai Cadet College address for correspondence, etc.

Request through mail for application package with Demand Draft / pay order (Rs.600/-) in favor of Baqai College of Veterinary Sciences, Near Toll Plaza,Gadap Road Karachi.

Postal Address:

51-Deh Tor, Toll Plaza, Super Highway, Gadap Road.
P.O.Box. 2407. Karachi,-18. Pakistan
For further details please contact:

Principal, Baqai College of Veterinary Sciences:

P.O.BOX. No. 2407
Phone No 021-34410258, Ext.208, 34410322
Mob. No. 0300-2112684.
Fax. 021-36617968