1. Provide quality education comparable to international standards to its students so that they can acquire the state of the art knowledge of subjects for which they otherwise would have to go abroad to internationally known seats of learning.

2. Provide educational programmes in accordance with the actual needs of the society both in Pakistan and in the neighboring world.

3. Develop a wholesome and broad based personality of its students inculcating in them a sense of moral and social responsibility.

To achieve the above objectives:

– Admissions to Baqai Medical University are controlled strictly, merit is the only criterion of admission. No quotas, reserve seats or donation seats are allowed for seeking admission to the University. Entrance tests, interviews and scholastic records are important constituents of determining the merit of a student and have been shown to relate to and predict the quality of doctors produced.

– Baqai Medical University ensures a highly qualified faculty keeping in view the international academic standards. The university has a permanent continuing education programme through its Centre for Medical Education. University as an incentive also provides subsidies and scholarships for the teaching faculty as an encouragement to go abroad for higher education, professional seminars and conferences. An intensive evaluation programme constantly provides a criterion for the faculty to prove its worth. This requires integration of useful upto date processes.

– Baqai Medical University also keeps in view the normative needs of the society. Provision of inter disciplinary courses and practical involvement of faculty and students in community work ensures an overall and altruistic development of the personality of a university graduate. Without community there is no need of doctors.