Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Approved and Recognized by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP), Chartered Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC now Sindh HEC), and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan


1. Any relevant matter of discipline will be dealt according to the rules and regulations of BMU by the Discipline Committee.
2. The Discipline Committee shall be comprised of the following members:
a. Dean, FPS
b. Director, BIPS
c. Registrar, BMU
d. Controller of Examinations, BMU
e. Student Advisor, BIPS
f. Any other member(s) on special invitation by Dean, if required (e.g., Chairperson of the Department, Principal, BMC, Principal, BDC)
3. The action against the act of indiscipline depends on the nature and gravity of indiscipline. The action may include fines, debarring from attending classes/lab, for a particular period or expulsion from the university, etc.
4. All students must carry their valid University ID Cards all the time when present in the university. They shall not be allowed to enter the library, cafeteria, class, transport, or even inside the university premises without valid University ID Cards.
5. The following shall constitute acts of indiscipline for which action may be taken against the student(s):
a. Breach of any rule of FPS and BMU.
b. Participation/involvement in politics.
c. Defiance to authority.
d. Use of indecent or filthy language.
e. Use of immodest dress.
f. Use of undesirable remarks or gestures.
g. Disorderly behavior (e.g., shouting, abusing, quarreling/fighting, insolence, bullying/harassment, etc.).
h. Possession of a gun or weapon in the university.
i. Action, defamatory, and derogatory to Islam and its Prophets.
j. Immorality.
k. Smoking, chewing of gum, tobacco, gutka, or any other material in the classroom or at places where representing the BMU.
l. Drug/alcohol addiction or the use of any intoxicant.
m. Littering and spitting within the premises of the university.
n. Intentional mishandling/debauching of any of the property of the university or its personnel.
o. False personation or giving false information or willful suppression of information.
p. Cheating or deceiving and all matters as explained under Unfair Means Policy.
q. Inciting or staging a walkout, a strike, or an unauthorized procession.
r. Shouting of slogans derogatory to the prestige/reputation of the Institute, Faculty, and University or its personnel.
s. Posting comments on social media that are derogatory to the prestige/reputation of the Institute, Faculty, and University or its personnel.
t. Visiting places that are declared out of bound for students.
u. Visiting any place without a pass that needs to be visited with a valid pass.
v. Any other matter as decided by the competent authority of BMU.