What is an Alumni?


What do we offer to our Alumni?

what is an Alumni?

An ALUMNUS is a former pupil or student of a school or a university. Plural of it is called ALUMNI.

What do we offer to our Alumni?

The most important of all is to keep Alumni connected and coordinated with the university. In order to achieve this goal, the Department of Alumni Affairs has planned to develop a scheme of activities throughout the year and circulate it to all the Alumni ahead of time through Emails and posts, to maximize their participation. Some of those activities may be:

An Alumni Reunion at the time of Convocation which may include an address by one of the senior management person of the university and sharing of views as an Alumnus by an Alumni registered member. From Tilawat to the Master of Ceremony, all the activities of the day may be conducted by the registered Alumni members. They would be the guests and the hosts at the same time and hence, would give them an inner feeling of ownership for the University. Later in the program, there may be a reception and a musical evening / a ghazal mehfil / a talent show with a voluntary participation also by the alumni.

The Alumni Reunion would provide a platform where those Alumni would also join in, who have not yet registered themselves. Therefore, an Alumni Registration Desk will be in the planning, ahead of time.

They may be sent an invitation through email or by post for attending and participating in the different university events and activities, like Annual Sports Day, Talent Show, Milad-un-Nabi, Musical Evenings, Workshops, Conferences and Seminars etc.

Moreover, on presenting their Alumni card at the University Library or at the Computer Lab, they may be entitled to avail the given facility.

A Family Mela may be organized by the Alumni Affairs Department in coordination with other departments. So, that the alumni can bring their spouses and children and share their beautiful memories with them. In this mela, there may be stalls for childrens activities, for the interest of females, food and entertainment, art and crafts and cultural stalls for their attraction and enjoyment.

These will be the times when our Alumni will get an opportunity to meet their old friends and colleagues and spend some time with each other and build their coordination with each other while introducing their families. Such activities will keep up the interest of Alumni, as a result, will keep the Alumni connected with the university at all times.

The above information & facilities are for:


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For further information and details you may contact:

Alumni Affairs Department in the main Administration Block of BMU Online Alumni Registration Form :

Click here for Alumni Registration Form..

OR Email us at      : bmu.alumni@baqai.edu.pk

OR Telephone us on     : 021-34410293-298, 021-34410427-430

OR Fax us on      : 021-34410439, 021-34410317

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