More then twenty-five years ago when Dr. F. U. Baqai, first expressed his idea of establishing a medical college in private sector, people in general and medical professionals did not believe it. To them it was not only difficult but probably was impossible. The terms of community oriented and community based education were not understood by most of them. Dr. & Mrs. F. U. Baqai visited Maastricht, Netherlands, Alexandria, Cairo and various other medical institutions throughout the world where the community oriented and community based method of medical education was in practice. We made a very good team of medical professionals and Baqai Medical College admitted its first batch in 1988 and today we are here to celebrate the SILVER JUBILEE YEAR. Thanks to Almighty Allah.

In 1993 when the first batch of Medical College graduated, the First Position in Karachi University was obtained by a Baqai Graduate and out of the Top Ten Positions, Six belonged to Baqai. This remarkable success was an eye opener for the people of medical community who always opposed the Baqai Medical College. Baqai graduates are no less then any one else they have been examined in various positions at undergraduate and post graduate level. Many of them are working abroad. They have acquired higher qualifications in United States and United Kingdom. This was only possible by the hard efforts of the faculty. I congratulate the Faculty of Baqai Medical College for their hard work and dedication.

In 1988, the concept of community based medical education was implemented fully, when Baqai Medical University admitted its first batch. The students of Baqai Medical College visit the community from the first year. They are exposed to the health and related problems of the community throughout their studies, therefore they have a better understanding and ability to solve these problems. The knowledge of medicine is expanding with a very fast pace. New approaches in diagnosis and treatment have resulted in rapid change in the volumes of Text. Medical education has become a supreme, specially in sciences and if the appropriate changes are not made in the curriculum and teaching methodology, the students will lose the battle of competency. We are happy to say that at Baqai Medical University we have kept up within the times in this regard and can boast of a progressive and modern curriculum, one of the few medical college in the country to have such a written document, Baqai Medical College is also recognized by the Educational Commission of the United States and the Medical Council of England, therefore our graduates can take exams in U.S.A and England. We feel pride in informing you that Baqai Medical College is among the very few medical institutions of Pakistan which has a Department of Medical Education recognized by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) and the International Network of Community Oriented Medical Institutions. This department keeps an eye over the advancements and helps the faculty to incorporate them in the curriculum. This department also trains the teachers “How to teach”. We assure the parents that the teachers at Baqai Medical College not only impart education but also play a role of guide and counselor.

To the admitted students we will only say that your faces give us & our faculty and encouragement. However, the expectancy in your dream of becoming successful doctors will only materialize if you work hard with diligence. The promotion to higher classes require continuous hard work throughout the year. Let us tell you Baqai Medical University is the only university in Pakistan where Internal Evaluation marks are 30%. This means to get these marks you have to be on your toes throughout the year. Teachers here are very kind, their doors are always open for you for any sort of help. Principals and Vice Principals are always there to solve your problems. What we expect from you is only sincere effort to carry on your studies at Baqai Medical College. There is no tradition of unduly long preparatory leaves like in other colleges. Academic year ends in the middle of October and exams are held in the 2nd week of November, these dates have been successfully followed ever since the college started. We hope you all have received an introductory booklet from Admission Cell. This informs you about the routines of college, time table and annual events.

At Baqai Medical College, students have equal opportunity to avail the extra curricular activities like Sports, Debates and Talent Shows. Baqaites have won the trophies on Inter-Medical College Cricket Tournament, declamation Contest. Baqai Medical College students are trained to be better professionals and human beings. There is an inner urge in certain human beings to play their part in the developmental activities of the place or city around them. Having made a choice of Medical to be their profession and graduating in this field, visionary and sensitive individuals, Dr. F.U. Baqai and Dr. Zahida Baqai, fired with the passion for human welfare and social service started with a modest beginning by setting up a hospital complex in private sector at Nazimabad in late sixties of the previous century. Soon this hospital complex developed into a 350-bedded general hospital with modern sophisticated treatment for the middle-income group of private patients. A part of the job was done on charity basis. This proved to be a successful venture and Baqai Hospital Nazimabad became a centre of excellence.

This success gave an impetus to the Baqais to pursue their future ventures in this vital field of education and health. A teeming majority, almost 70% of the population constitutes rural population of Pakistan. The medical needs of this populace was never seriously tackled by the health planners of the country as most of the Government sector health delivery system were located in the urban areas. With this end in view, the Baqais felt the need to provide health services to the rural area of Karachi in 1976 they founded the Baqai Medical Complex on the Super Highway and established a Rural Health Centre, which served the needs of the area. The gashing flow of creativity and new ideas then began to take further concrete shape in the form of an organization. From this stage onwards, it was only a matter of time and intensity of commitments. In early 80's the basic construction of the building of Medical College was started.

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