Program evaluation Activities

Quality Enhancement Cell - Program evaluation Activities

Following the directives of HEC, Quality Enhancement Cell of Baqai Medical University carries out a extensive evaluation of its programs its academic programs. The Self Assessment Report of programs is generated and forwarded to HEC.

For the generation of SAR 2015-2016,the first meeting was held to take the senior faculty on board. They were updated of the requirement of generating Self Assessment Report which included the Mission Statements of the Departments and each of the programs as well. The forming of program objectives and the outcomes of each programwas discussed. They were requested to designate members for the “Program Teams” & “Assessment Teams”

Next multiple meetings were held with the Program Teams & the Assessment Teams. The modus operandi on how to collect information on the HEC prescribed forms was disseminated. The process of evaluation was also discussed.

The SAR 2015-2016 of the following 3 institutes was sent to HEC for evaluation:

1. Baqai Medical College

2. Baqai Dental College

3. Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences