Baqai Dental College organized awareness program regarding World Oral Health Day 2018

Karachi, 22 March 2018 (PR) Department of Community Dentistry of Baqai Dental College organized awareness program regarding “World Oral Health Day 2018” at Baqai Medical University in which students of Dental College, Medical College, teaching faculty, paramedical staff, house officers and doctors actively participated and attended the program. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Zahida Baqai was the chief guest. The whole seminar conducted different aspects of Oral Health.

Prof. Dr. Asghar Ali Shigri, Head of Community Dentistry, on his opening remarks he highlighted Dr. Fareeduddin Baqai Vision, mission and his hard work and also stated that Baqai Medical University is pioneer in field of community dentistry as well as in private sectors. He added that “World Oral Health Day” was not only celebrated in the boundaries of Baqai Medical University, it is also celebrated and spread awareness simultaneously in 4 different centers such as Baqai Medical Complex – khuda ki Basti, Kushal Nagar Gahro and Layari. Furthermore he proceed towards and highlighted the role of community dentistry in the society and what he and his department achieved under the privilege of university presented through video.

Guest Speaker, Dow University, Dr. Ashar Afaq, presented audio-visual presentation on “Think Mouth Think Health” and delivered the message that, Oral health is much more than a nice smile; He tributes Late Dr. Fareeduddin Baqai and said that we all are gathered just because of his vision and idea. Furthermore, on his presentation he briefed about dental pain the symptoms, factors of oral hygiene diseases in different groups of ages and also described the prevention that how to we came up this issues. He added that Oral Health and  General Health is a two way relationship; every disease are linked somewhere oral health so we have to looked after for this, avoid smoking, tobacco all this thing which is bad for Oral health as well as general health.

Guest Speaker, Ziauddin University, Dr. Sidra Moinuddin, briefed about “Early Awareness to Prevent Dental Morbidities” through audio-visual presentation. She summed up some statistics that 500 billion peoples are affected worldwide due to dental diseases. She said that betel nuts, cigarettes, pan etc are the main factors of causing oral health issues we have to avoid this things and we are here to spread awareness by using Oral Health Day platform and advised all brush your teeth twice in a day to minimize risk factors of oral diseases.

Guest Speaker, Vice Principal, Bahria University and also Bqai Alumni, Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi, presented audio-visual presentation on “Advocacy of Oral Health”. On his presentation she briefly discussed about the Advocacy she said that we are emphasizing not only oral diseases we also emphasis the role of doctors, surgeons and clinical staff. World Oral Day celebrated globally and this is the largest awareness campaigns. She added that what are you taken through your mouth it is important because 50 % diseases are started from mouth, you can’t ignore oral health and you can’t ignore general health.

Prof. Dr. Kashif Ikram, Principal, BDC along with Dr. Talha Mufeed Siddiqui, Vice Principal, BDC on his concluding remarks he highlighted the role of Baqai Dental College who providing free dental services since more than last 20 years. They left a message for all the attendees that “Brush your teeth and save your life”. Further thanked to all speakers, chief guest and all the attendees.

At the end of the seminar shield distributed to all the guest speakers, chief guest Vice Chancellor, Prof. Zahida Baqai, Head of Community Dentistry, principal, vice principal and other faculty members.