International Women Day 2018 celebrated by Baqai Medical University

Karachi, 8 March 2018 (PR) International Women’s Day celebrated by Baqai Medical University in collaboration with SOGP, AMAN & NCMNH in which the actively participered by faculty memebers of obs/gyane along with large number of doctors, paramedic staff, midwifes and medical students. Prof. Farrukh Naheed the head of the department of obs/gyane was conducted the seminar. Prof. Zahida Baqai was the chairperson of the seminar.

The Chief Guest Prof. Sadiqua Jaferay, President, NCMNH through audio visual presentation on “Current Obstetric Practices to Reduce Maternal Mortality”. She mentioned that every year in Pakistan 15000 women died because of MMR and Balochistan and Sindh have the highest rate of 785 and 314 maternal death respectively. Further she described the causes of maternal death that can be preventable. Survey shows that postpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal death. Similarly she described the socio-cultured factors like: gender inequality, lack of care during pregnancy and child birth, poverty, superstitions and evidence based interventions to reduce maternal mortality.

Prof. Azra Ahsan President, AMAN talked about the “Population Scenario in Pakistan”. She started with video which is courtesy by Shehzad Roy Program “Chal Para” in this video a men have 22 children’s and he just knew 13 children’s name out of 22. She identify the main problem of our society that we did not even plan how to educate our children, early age marriages, no family planning etc. Pakistan stand on number 6 in world for highest population. Pakistan population increased rapidly day by day. We are above then 200 millions in which 51% are men and 48.76% are women. She signified the various factors and causes of population growth that 50% pregnancy are not planned in Pakistan. Couples don’t practice their family planning, women who lives in rural areas, poor, uneducated and it is also the highest cause of adult women death. She appreciated that Social Obstetrics Department of Baqai Medical University provides the facility for IUD devices insertion.

Prof. Sadia Paul, Vice President SOGP, talked about “Domestic Violence and sexual abusement” said that we have law, rules and regulation but we don’t have its implementation. Thus we are the part of social violence. Education can make the women empower and mother is the focal person of the society and have to care mother health because we are responsible for it.

Prof. Nusrat Shah, Secretary SOGP, said that we all are here on the occasion of International Women’s Day to aware people and we all together to minimized the social violence against women.

At the end of seminar Prof. Zahida Baqai, Vice Chancellor, BMU, presented memento to chief guest and distinguished speakers and said that we all sit together to spread awareness all over the Pakistan and minimized the mortality and family contraception planning problems.