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Welcome to Baqai Medical University

The Baqais( Dr.Fareed Uddin Baqai and Dr.Zahida Baqai) both medical practitioners and surgeons by profession, after completing their medical education in Pakistan and Great Britain, started practicing the art of healing in an underdeveloped country and in a fast growing city of Karachi.

The enormity and complexity of health care problems and the paucity of proper infrastructures for health care delivery systems motivated them to develop a comprehensive concept of community development on the basis of self reliance and without depending upon the public sector financing.

The concept started unfolding itself in concrete actions when the Baqai Foundation acquired a large piece of land on Super Highway just at the outskirts of Karachi and established the first ever rural Medical Centre supported by secondary and tertiary health care facilities in 1976.

  • Prof. Dr. Fareed Uddin Baqai
    Baqai Medical University
  • Prof. Dr. Zahida Baqai
    Vice Chancellor
    Baqai Medical University

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