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20Mar,  2017

World Oral Health Day

Karachi 20 March 2017 (P.R) Baqai Dental College of Baqai Medical University and their

faculty has organized brushing event on World Oral Health Day. More than 2000

Students of Baqai Cadet College, Saleem Ullah Fehmi Schools, Baqai Medical College,

Baqai Dental College, Baqai College of Nursing, Pharm D, Physiotherapy and other

departments, gatherd and made a national record of tooth brushing activity. Vice

Chanellor Baqai Medical University Prof.Dr.Zahida Baqai took the lead and said that we

are gatherd for the awearness of teeth health and not to teach how to brush your teeth.

We are here just to remind you that brush your teeth every day because this is the main

aspect all desease are deliverd from mouth we all are aware that oral bacteria may

cause systemic illnesses. On the occasion of World Oral Health Day make a pledge that

“Brush your teeth save your life”. She also pleased to see the national level record was

made by Baqai Medical University students and she thanks all of faculty members and

department of Community Dentistry.

Prof.Dr.Kashif Ikram, Principal, Baqai Dental College highlighted that we are here to

make a teeth brushing activity for the first time in Pakistan on a vast scale and create a

national record which has never been attempted, but this time the students of Baqai

Medical University did it. We would like to educate the community of people in Pakistan

and to the world, the importance of tooth brushing for General Health. Furthermore, he

demonstrated the pattern of brushing to attendees and let start the activity of brushing

for one minute.

Prof.Dr.Asgar Ali Shigri Head of Community Dentistry said that World Oral Health Day

celebrated this day in Baqai style and marked the name of Baqai Medical University on

the sky. He said that our slogan is “Brush your teeth save your life”.

Dr.Talha M.Siddiqui Vice Principal of Baqai Dental College thanks to Vice Chancellor, Pro

Vice Chancellor and all faculty members, Hods, dean, director and management. He also

thanks to his dentistry team management and all students who actively participated in

this event and make it a record breaking event.

Muhammad Rehan Suleman