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Department of Pathology is an integral part of Baqai Medical College and University. It is also an important constituent department of Baqai institute of Pathology and Molecular Medicine which has been recently established in the university. The subject of Pathology (General Pathology, Special Pathology, Microbiology, Immunology Medical Technology) is taught to the students of 3rd year, 4th year M.B.B.S, 2nd year BDS, 3rd year Pharm-D, M.PH, physiotherapy, nursing and medical technology. New methodologies of learning such as PBL, interactive sessions, tutorials, slide seminars, are preferred.
The department has Academic and Diagnostic divisions. Recently learning resource centre, Digital and Print library have been established in the department, in order to encourage academic and research activities among doctors and students. Internet facilities are also provided in the LRC. Research activities in the department are also underway and being carried out by faculty members and postgraduate students. Journal Club meetings, CME activities and slide seminar sessions are now a regular feature in the department. The post graduate students regularly attend classes for their major and miner subjects, mostly based on presentations and interactive sessions. At present the department of Pathology is chaired by Prof Dr. Waseem Iqbal and patronized by a very senior and eminent academician and pathologist Prof. Dr. Lt. Gen (R) Syed Azher Ahmed, who is also the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Post-Graduate Training

Various Post Graduate Programmes are under way is the department namely M.Phil/PhD Haematology, M.S Blood transfusion, Diploma in Haematology, teaching of General Pathology, Special Pathology and Microbiology to the students of M.Phil, M.Sc Dentistry and various M.Phil courses. All courses in Haematology are recognized by PMDC. The M.Phil/Ph D courses in Histopathology and Microbiology would also be launched soon. Mostly Interactive Sessions are carried out as a mode of teaching using Audiovisual Aids such as Multimedia and overhead projector. Post graduate students actively participate in Journal Club Meetings and Slide Seminar sessions which are routinely held in the department.

Research Projects Completed & Ongoing

  • Molecular genetics of Haemophilia A.
  • Molecular genetics of Thalassaemia intermedia.
  • Molecular genetics of β- Thalassaemia major.
  • Effect of the intensity of malarial infection on Hematological Parameters.
  • Complications of Diabetes Mellitus during pregnancy-laboratory parameters.
  • Etiological breakup of bacteria causing UTI and their sensitivity pattern.
  • Incidences of HBV, HCV and HIV infection in healthy donors.
  • Correlation of JAK 2 Mutation in CML patients with BCR-ABL positivity.
  • Molecular genetics of Von-Willebrand disease.
  • Evaluation of soluble transferrin receptors in the differential diagnosis of microcytic hypochromic anemias.

Faculty List Of Pathology

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