Baqai Cadet College (BCC)


The Cadet Colleges being managed by the Provincial Governments are unable to meet ever increasing demand of people of Pakistan. With the aim of augmenting Government efforts of providing quality education as a welfare measure and based on increasing desire and demands of parents, Baqai Cadet College was established by Baqai Foundation in the year 2000 and regular academic session commenced in April 2001. The establishment of Baqai Cadet College, in private sector, was in fact, a historical event being the first of its kind in the country; for which Baqai Foundation, under the able, selfless and dynamic leadership of Prof. Dr. F. U. Baqai, deserves all out appreciation. Baqai Foundation as a welfare organization is committed to provide health care and educational services on self-help basis without any financial assistance from the Government, NGOs or any other agency. The Foundation has already established Baqai Medical University and a number of institutions of higher learning as well as health care units in manifestation of its commitment. Baqai Cadet College is yet another valuable gift of Baqai Foundation.

The College is fully residential institution planned to cater for education from Class VIII to XII (Pre-engineering and Pre-medical groups). It is equipped with all facilities required for intellectual and physical development of young students. The integrated concept of education is followed with greater interaction between students and faculty members. The College education and training is all embracing activity ranging from classrooms to play-fields, play fields to rostrum, rostrum to pen, pen to computer and from computer to interest in acquisition of modern knowledge and new experience. The College provides education, training and counseling in all fields of life. Nominated members of the faculty remain on duty to supervise all activities from morning to bed-time. Cadets’ daily routine covers all activities including Morning fall- in, Fajar prayer, PT, Breakfast, Assembly, Academic session, Extra classes, Private study period, Games and Night fall-in.


The campus of Baqai Cadet College stands on a well laid natural green, pollution-free environment, connected to Baqai Medical University by a all-weather tarred road at a distance of about 5 km. The University itself is located off Super Highway – Gadap Road, junction (Near Toll Plaza) about 28 km away from Karachi. The lush green, peaceful, calm and congenial site of the College provides exceptionally ideal surroundings for the students to devote their energies towards education and training.


The mission assigned to the Baqai Cadet College is to impart quality education to students, keeping in view the latest trends in science and technology and requirements of a conducive atmosphere for the development of intellectual, physical and moral qualities. The students, on completion of studies should be loyal, patriotic, professional and role-model for others.


In order to achieve the mission assigned; following objectives have been set:

  • Development of personal qualities like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and responsibility through appreciation, affection, reward and indoctrination by the teachers.
  • Development of individual qualities like cooperation, mannerism, and emotional stability by proper guidance, counseling and motivating both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Development of leadership qualities like determination, initiative, self confidence, power of judgment and decision by providing opportunities to hold appointments like Class-Monitor, Prefect, Cadet Captain and Incharge of various societies / clubs.
  • Development of sense of pride, excellence and achievement through healthy competition between individuals and Houses.
  • Inculcation of patriotism, Islamic values and culture through lectures, seminars and daily prayers routine.
  • Development of power of expression and dynamism in daily life through debates, dramas, declamations, excursions and study tours/visits.
  • Detection and elimination of negative traits of personality like selfishness, cheating, and insubordination by constant watch, counseling and adoption of corrective measures.


The College is equipped with all the facilities required for such an institution. The salient features of the college are as follows:-

  • Established on a natural green piece of land measuring more than 70 acres.
  • More than 2500 trees, including fruit gardens and grassy lawns/ fields.
  • Four buildings of hostels with ground plus two floors for accommodating the cadets as residence. These blocks are fully equipped with all the furniture and fixtures required for proper and comfortable living.
  • A spacious dinning hall to accommodate all the cadets for meals at one time.
  • Academic block having spacious and airy class rooms, library and well- equipped laboratories.
  • All possible facilities for games and sports including a cricket stadium of international standard, football and hockey grounds, volleyball and basketball courts.
  • A standard swimming pool for training of cadets.
  • A water purification and treatment plant based on Reverse Osmosis System.
  • Facilities for military training with the required aids and equipment.
  • A spacious Mosque and necessary arrangements for prayers and Taravih in Ramzan.
  • Tuc shop for the cadets for refreshments and tea during break.
  • Telephone exchange and a Public Call Office. The facility of telephone is utilized by the cadets as well as parents/ guardians as per approved arrangements.
  • Water reservoir and over-head water tank.
  • Pole Mounted Transformer (P.M.T.) (Exclusively for Baqai Cadet College) for regular and proper electric supply.
  • The College has two powerful standby Generators to meet the eventuality when KESC power supply goes off.
  • Residential accommodation for faculty members and staff


The College is governed by the Board of Governors comprising prominent citizens and eminent scholars headed Rear Admiral (R) Azhar Hussain as the chairman of the Board of Governors. Besides, there is an Executive Committee of the College headed by Prof. Dr. Mrs. Zahida Baqai, which looks after the day-to-day affairs of the college. The founder Principal of the College is Commander (R) Sajid Afzal who holds Master’s degrees in Physics, Management, and War Studies. He possesses rich experience of over 30 years in the fields of education, training and management. All members of teaching faculty hold Master’s degrees in the relevant subjects with adequate teaching experience. The management of the College enjoys a prestigious status in the field of education.

Scheme of studies:

The College is planned to cater for education from Class VIII to XII (Pre- Engineering and Pre- Medical groups). Since the College is affiliated with the Boards of Secondary and Intermediate Education, Karachi, the curricula prescribed by these Boards are being followed in the College. Similarly, the books prescribed by Sindh Text Books Board are included in the programme of studies. The cadets take the Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary School Certificate examinations held by these Boards. The academic year is divided into three terms and at the end of each term, terminal examinations are held. Parents Teachers meetings are regularly held to discuss the progress of Cadets with their parents.
Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are frequently held. Study tours to various places of interest are arranged. The programme of studies as well as other activities of the cadets is chalked-out in the beginning of each session. Sports activities are also followed throughout the year. Matches in and outside the college with other institutions are organized periodically.


The College comprises two wings; Secondary School offering studies upto Matriculation (Science group only) and Higher Secondary offering HSC (Pre-Engg/ Pre-Med only) studies i.e. First year/ Second year classes:

a) Secondary School Wing Admission in Secondary School of the College shall open once a year for boys in Class VIII (Admission in Class IX shall be offered if seats are available) subject to fulfillment of conditions mentioned below:

  • Announcement: The announcement shall be made through leading newspapers in January / February each year.
  • Entry: The admission is generally restricted to class VIII. All students are required to live in the College hostel where excellent facilities for boarding/ lodging, sports and recreational activities are available.
  • Age and Qualification :
    i) Candidate must not be under 12 years and over 14 years of age on 1st April of the year of admission.
    ii) Must have passed Class VII at the time of admission. (Those awaiting their Class VII results may also apply).
  • Written Test: Candidates shall be given written test in English, Urdu, General Science and Mathematics. The level of test will be of Class VII standard. The paper shall contain a few questions from Pak-Studies also. A specimen question paper is enclosed with the prospectus.
  • Interview/Medical Test: Those qualifying the written test shall be called for interview and medical examination at Baqai Cadet College. Parents shall be present in the College during the interviews.

b) Higher Secondary Wing In view of stringent studies and peculiar skill/ aptitude requirements for Pre-engineering/ Pre-medical studies, only selected cadets will be offered admissions in these classes as per practice/ procedure in vogue in other institutions. Cadets desirous to continue studies in this College shall apply for Re-admission on the prescribed proforma soon after completion of second term College examination of Class X. Applicants will be interviewed by the College Board to determine their suitability or otherwise based on the following factors:
  • Academic achievement during Matriculation Examination. (Those obtaining less than 60% marks in the Board exam will not be eligible).
  • Academic achievements/ performance in the College tests/ exams.
  • Aptitude/ skill for Pre-Engg/ Pre-Med studies.
  • Conduct and discipline in the College.

  • No admission fee will be charged from those finally selected to continue 1st/ 2nd year studies in this College. However, they will be required to pay tuition fee and other charges in continuity of their previous schedule as per prescribed rates before re-joining on expiry of summer vacations. Cadets who fail to report within 5 days after declaration of SSC result or the date specified by the College shall become ineligible for Re-admission. The seats so become available shall be offered to those on the waiting list.

c) Outside Candidates Admission to candidates from outside (Other than the Cadets) shall also be offered subject to availability of seats on the following criteria:

  • Age between 15 to 17 years on 01st August of the year of admission.
  • Candidates will have to pass a written test of Matriculation standard.
  • Candidates should be physically fit. Medical check-up will be conducted by the medical authorities of the College.

Educational Qualifications:
  • Candidates securing atleast 60% marks in SSC (Science Group) Examination. Those who have appeared in the examination may be allowed admission provisionally.

Admission Procedure:
  • After the result of SSC Examination is announced, the candidates will be asked to submit Original Marks sheets at the earliest for confirmation of admission.
  • Selection will be purely on merit according to the marks obtained in SSC Examination, as well as entry test result and medical examination report.
  • Candidates who fail to deposit fees and other charges by the specified date will not be allowed admission.

d) Self – Financing Scheme A few seats of the admissions are given on self-financing basis, in order of merit. The students seeking admission on self-financing basis shall have to deposit a non-refundable fixed amount of Rs. 100,000 in addition to regular fees and other charges at the time of admission. Other terms and conditions and pre-requisites shall remain the same as in normal selection procedure.

Fees and other charges:

The “tuition fees and other charges” include tuition fee, laundry, games, library, haircut, language lab and computer training charges, boarding & lodging charges include furnished hostel accommodation and Messing expenditure, etc. All payments shall be made through Bank draft/ pay order in favour of the Baqai Cadet College at nominated banks. The fees and other charges shall be deposited on quarterly basis (Three months). The breakdown of fees and other charges is enclosed with application form.

A sum of Rs.100/- per week shall be paid to cadets by the College as pocket money.

Baqai Cadet College address for correspondence, etc.

Postal address
Baqai Cadet College
Off Super Highway - Gadap Road
P.O. New Sabzi Mandi
Karachi – 75340

Address for Courier Services
Baqai Cadet College
C/o Baqai Medical University
Super Highway
Near Toll Plaza

Address for Personal Contact
Baqai Cadet College
Off Super Highway – Gadap Road, (Chota Gate)
Near Digital Telephone Exchage, Gadap,

Tel No.
34410258-260 – 34410327 – 34410335-337 – 34410398

Mobile No.
0300-2283572 – 0334-3673599 – 0322-2012023

Fax No.

E- Mail:

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